Two-week Sessions

with Dungeon Master Cody "Pilot" Hartig
July 6-17, 10am-noon 
via Zoom

Is being a powerful mage, a star archer, a master brawler, or an undetectable rogue something that interests you? How about an angel with a mission, a vampire with a vendetta, or a gnome with a gardening problem?!? Well in RPG you can be any of those, and so, SO much more! Join a party of other players with just as varied and interesting, silly, serious and crazy characters and see what the world you find yourself in has in store for you!! From saving a town, a country, or an entire WORLD, to just some nice old lady’s cat down the street, the adventure awaits and who knows where it will take us. Join RPG to find out!!

L.I.T. (Leader-In-Training) 
with Adriana "Qmarq" Celaya & Haley "Salsa" Guaderrama
July 13-24, 9:00am to 11:00a.m. via Zoom


Do YOU dream of being a leader in the world and in your own life? In these current times of uncertainty and social distancing, it is easy to become overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness. Therefore, strong leadership is more important now than ever. In our newly modified Leaders in Training (LIT) program, we strive to empower the next generation of camp and world leaders. We will discuss the qualities of a good leader, how to be good digital and real life citizens, and how we can be positive forces in our communities. Participants will take part in lessons and activities that are at once challenging and rewarding. Instructors and leaders will work together to plan ways to take on active roles in our own lives and in our communities, to help build a better future. Ages 16-19. REGISTER TODAY!!

Space is limited to 15 participants. Reserve your spot today!

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