“I LOVE UCAMPS! I can say, without reservation, that uCamps summer and winter sessions have been life changing for my two kids. They have learned and practiced respect, integrity, and empathy all while having fun and making life long friends. What a healthy and safe community BaldE, all the staff and counselors, and the campers themselves build! It's more than just swimming, archery, making movies and playing music-- though they do all that and more-- it's a place where kids are valued for the perfect imperfect individuals they are. Yep, loves me some uCamps!!!!” 

-Julia P., Yelp Review


“At uCamps, my daughters quirks are celebrated, her gifts are recognized, and she feels great about herself and her place in the community. There are all kinds of kids here, but what there isn't is cliques. There is no bullying, no excluding, no gossip, none of that icky stuff teenagers have to tolerate at school.”

-Chris I. Yelp Review

"Deciding which camp to send your kid to is such an important decision.  You want them to grow, to have fun, to learn new things.  uCamps is all this and more!  Bald E and the rest of the staff have created an amazing, safe, welcoming environment.  There aren't any cliques here.  The kids aren't worried about wearing the latest trends or competing with each other.  This is all about fun, and lots of it!  From the minute they show up for the bus ride to camp to the time we pick them up at then end of the week, it's all about adventures.  There is never a lack of activities.  It doesn't matter your age, race, economic standing, sexual preferences (no canoodling at camp!),  religion, physical prowess; everyone is welcomed with open arms.  Kids are free to try new things.  Want to be in a rock band?  Great.  How about a dancer?  Cool, they've got that.  Outdoor adventures?  Yep.  Dances?  Of course.  Campfires, s'mores, silly songs?  In droves.  They'll come home with a bag full of filthy clothes, remnants of face paint, chanting about who loves campfire, and counting down the days till camp reunions/winter camp/next summer.  My daughter just got back from her second year at uCamps and is already signed up for next summer.  I trust all the staff with my most precious item, my kid, and they do an outstanding job."

-Lisa B., Yelp Review

“My 14 year old daughter went to uCamps for the first time this summer and she loved it. I can't remember when I've seen her as happy as she was when we arrived. She made lots of new friends. She studied dance and voice and acting. She went to campfires and swam. She was away from her phone for 7 days with no complaint at all. When the director offered $25 off if we put down a deposit for camp next year, she told me to please sign her up again. This is from a kid who did not want to go to any camps because she wanted to be free to hang out with her friends. I am very happy to have stumbled on uCamps and I hope a lot of other people become lucky too.”

-Wendy M. Yelp Review

“After sending my teenage daughter to uCamps for two years in a row now, there is no question that BaldE has put together here at uCamps is indeed something special. The creativity that is inspired by this camp is unparalleled. The kids are able to express themselves without fear of judgment and celebrate life without hesitation.  This provides for an open, spontaneous, silly and creative experience at camp.  The relationships the kids build with one another is unique as well.  When we picked up my daughter, her and 5 roommates/friends would not stop hugging each other.   It was a love fest!!   Their creativity and good-humor showed in all the things they did:  the music videos, musical theater performances, choir, short films...all well done and very entertaining. My only complaint is that my daughter had too much fun and didn't bother to send a letter home!!??  (Good problem indeed).”

-Aldo D. Yelp Review

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