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March 2020: Duct Tape

About the Author

Miranda LeGate is an aspiring young writer and journalist — currently interning at McSweeney’s Newspaper in San Francisco, where she proofs and edit stories from professional authors. She's an avid coffee addict, introvert, comic book nerd, lover of weird socks, and two year uCamper!

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October 2019: Qmarq

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About Duct Tape: Duct Tape, when not proudly proclaiming he is indeed Duct Tape, spends his days studying communications, specifically speech mythology, with which he hopes to one day help those with speech impediments or difficulties. Duct Tape has got to be one of the luckiest people as he gets to spend his days surrounded by dogs and cats! He really enjoys his job at petco, both because he can care for sweet fluffballs all day, and his coworkers and customers are good people to be around. At Diablo Valley College, Duct Tape is an active member of the speech and debate team, something he found out he loved through uCamps!

Favorite uCamps memories:
Do you ever wonder how Duct Tape got his name? Well it’s quite the story; when he was still a camper, his cabin mates pulled out a roll of grade A duct tape and decided the thing this camp was missing was a poor guy taped to a tree. And you guessed it, that guy turned into the Duct Tape we know and love. It was Duct Tape’s cabin many years ago that began the ancient and holy ritual of party cabin, and our Duct Tape was among those very first brave young men to dye their hair pink for three days, and see to it no one in camp can ever hear the name Richard Nixon the same way.

What uCamps means to Duct Tape:
The thing Duct Tape loves most about uCamps is the versatility, the fact that any kid can do anything they want to foster their own talents and passions. It’s a place free from judgement or criticism, a place to be 100% you. Something that changed Duct Tape's life was taking a stand up comedy workshop at uCamps! It's something he enjoys doing to this day and has shifted his entire approach to acting; he now prefers comedic work to dramatic, in fact! The workshop that has meant the most to Duct Tape was the Sketch Comedy workshop he crafted and gave with his sister Crow.

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