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October 2019: Qmarq

About Qmarq: When she’s not working a camp session, Qmarq is immersed in her Linguistics and Spanish studies at Boston University. She’s already earned her Teaching English as a Foreign Language (T.E.F.L) certificate, and aims to one day teach English to young kids in Latin America — ideally grades 4th-7th. She is a passionate world traveler, having spent a year in Quito, Ecuador, one of her favorite places, and lived a few months in Barcelona, Spain. It’s her dream to visit every country in the world! At the top of her list is Colombia, as she’d love to experience the beauty of the landscape and hear some of her favorite music, as she loves Ecuadorian artists!

The uCamps program — and the amazing people she gets to work with there — is a part of what first inspired her to pursue elementary education, as it’s through work with uCamps that she discovered her love of educating children!


Favorite uCamps Memories: Back in 2013, Qmarq was only 12 years old and the very first uCamps blacklight party was in full swing! A uStaff member known as Dolla $ign climbed to the top of the diving board, yelled “everyone! Get in the pool!” and... everyone did! She fondly recalls it as the most CRACKIN’ pool party EVA!

That same year, a young Qmarq and another uCamper (now a uStaff member known as Ukulady) were riding the bus to camp when they realized the new pack of gum they had wasn’t allowed at camp! They (of course) decided to use up the entire pack before they arrived on site, which involved each having roughly 8 pieces each, and blowing gigantic bubbles the entire way there and making a big ol’ sticky mess — please don’t try this at home...or at camp!


What uCamps Means to Qmarq: The thing that keeps Qmarq coming back to camp is the strong, loving, and accepting community it creates. uCamps is a place where you feel as if you know everyone already, and yet you still find yourself meeting amazing new people every step of the way. It continues to amaze her how incredibly supportive the artistic community is, and she’s grateful for her firsthand experience in supportive young artists by leading workshops like Film, GaGa Ball, Arts & Crafts, and more!

About the Author

Miranda LeGate is an aspiring young writer and journalist — currently interning at McSweeney’s Newspaper in San Francisco, where she proofs and edit stories from professional authors. She's an avid coffee addict, introvert, comic book nerd, lover of weird socks, and two year uCamper!

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October 2019: Qmarq

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