Information for Families

Covid - 19 Safety Protocols

This summer, our detailed Covid-19 Response Plan includes staff training, vaccinations, multiple daily temperature checks, increased sanitation, appropriate social distancing, and use of applicable personal protection equipment (PPE). There will be a registered nurse on site and the camp has invested in rapid testing kits. All campers and staff will be required to show proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours of camp starting and everyone will be screened before, during and at the end of camp. These steps will help to create a safe bubble whereby campers and staff can relax, be together and have fun living as one happy community.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my child be placed in a cabin with their friend(s)?


A: Yes! You may enter cabin mate requests when you register! We can guarantee up to two friend requests. After that, we will do our best to accommodate everyone, but cannot make any guarantees. 

Q: Are cell phones allowed?


A: Yes, cell phones are allowed at camp, however, there is no cell service or wifi at our camp facility and campers are asked to leave their phones in the cabin at all times. The presence of cell phones at camp prevents participation in group activities, promotes isolation and is the most common cause of homesickness. Still, we are sensitive to campers' attachment to their technology and our compromise is to allow them on their phones for short periods of time during midday siesta and at night before bed.


Q: How can I reach my child to make sure they are ok during camp?

A: We understand that being away from your child can be difficult. More often than not, this separation is harder on parents/guardians than it is on the camper who is busy having fun and making friends. Please remember that camp is a time for building independence, both for campers and for families. If there is an emergency at home, you can reach us by email and by landline. This information is included in the camp packet sent out before the start of camp. Vice versa, if there is an emergency at camp, we will contact you via phone and/or text/email right away.


Q: Where can I send letters and/or care packages?


A: At uCamps, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE old fashion snail mail communication. Campers LOVE hearing their name at lunch during mail call and receiving letters and packages from home. Our programs take place at multiple locations. Please refer to the camp mailer corresponding to the program your child is attending for the site address and be sure to allow multiple days for delivery to our summer camp address in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 


Q: Are there scholarships or financial aid programs available?


A: uCamps is happy to work with any family to help make camp affordable. We offer early registration discounts and promotional prices throughout the year, as well as need based scholarships. To request a scholarship, simply email with the camper's name, age, and a price you'd be able to afford. We'll do our best to work with u!

Q: Do you offer any payment plans?


A: Yes! We have different payment options (Deposit then Remaining Balance, Deposit then monthly payments, etc.). Please feel free to reach out and we can create a payment plan unique to u!

Q: How do you screen your staff?

A: All uCamps staff members must pass an FBI Background Screening, go through the interview process, sign legal documents outlining appropriate behavior and attend our comprehensive staff training prior to the start of camp. 


Q: How do you manage specific health and medical needs?


A: Please enter your child's specific medical conditions, necessary treatments/accomodations and medication information in the appropriate fields when you register your child(ren) for camp. We'll collect camper medications at check in on day 1 and return them at checkout on the last day of camp. Our camp nurse will administer all camp medications day and night with the exception of specific medications that need to remain on the camper's person. Please note that for the safety of the camper, we will disclose all medical needs to our staff, so they may provide the best care for your child.

Q: Do you accommodate dietary needs?

A: Yes! Our kitchens accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free diets. We are also sensitive to life-threatening nut allergies. Our kitchen cannot, however, provide customized individual meals or prepare foods a camper brings with them. Please provide advanced notice of your dietary needs so that we can provide accomodations. You can select the dietary restriction(s) for your camper(s) when you register for camp. We encourage campers with dietary restrictions to bring snacks in case nothing sold in the snack shack adheres to their dietary needs.

Q: How can I settle my outstanding balance?


A: When you select your payment option and pay the deposit with an e-check or credit card, you enroll in an auto-payment plan. This means the remaining balance or monthly payments will automatically be charged. You may also send a check to P.O. Box 1118, Atwater, CA 95301, and we will debit your account. Be sure to include details regarding for which camper these funds are intended.

Have a question that isn't listed? Please, contact us!