Would you be interested in bringing in a guest artist for an entire day of super fun, FREE arts-based workshops with your classes? 

Who Are We & What's the Deal?

Since 2003, uCamps, California's premiere performing arts program, has been doing community outreach in the form of leading free team-building and arts-based workshops. Founder Doug "Bald E" Cembellin designed and perfected the workshop over many years. He is a former middle school drama teacher with a BA in Theatre and an MFA in Film Production. He teaches film classes at Diablo Valley College and oversees uCamps. He has trained several workshop leaders over the years and more than 40 teachers all over California have been enjoying free workshops the past 15+ years. 

During the Spring semester, as part of our community outreach, we go into schools all over California and provide free in-class workshops that focus on expanding the core skills that are taught in schools, specifically fine arts classes, today. 


How would it work?

We would set a date for one of our workshop leaders to come to your classroom, and for a full day they would lead workshops to one or all of your classes, whatever you prefer. The first 5 to 10 minutes of the workshop is introductory, where the workshop leader will tell the class a little bit about themself, show them a short clip about uCamps, take any questions, and for the REST of the time, the students will be up on their feet: starting with a physical warm up, then a vocal warm up, and then be paired off to get them working on their communication and listening skills. After that, they do some team building activities that will have a lasting effect within your classroom.


The students have a great time because the workshop is REALLY high energy, interactive and has them on their feet. The teachers love it because you can either catch up on grading for the day, or what is more often the case, jump in and have fun with all the activities. 

One of the great things we have to offer, if you have a great time and like what we do, we’ll keep coming back year after year and do this workshop for you and your students until you stop teaching. Many of our teachers decide to use our unique games for ice breakers with new classes, which we encourage.

We would love to see some of the students at our camp in the summer, but really its an opportunity to get into the community and provide a service when our school’s funding is being cut left and right. 


Seeing is Believing!!

Please watch this short video demonstrating the workshop in action!

(Note that workshop leaders change from year to year.)


It's a WIN WIN WIN!!

As the teacher, you basically get a paid day off. You can participate, observe, and/or use your day to get other work done while our workshop leader runs each of your classes for the entire day. Your students are guaranteed to be engaged, entertained, on their feet participating, laughing and treated to a fun day of exciting material. Your workshop leader will start each class with an intro, talk for a few minutes about uCamps, answer questions and make brochures available. The rest of the class period will include warm-ups, games and exercises designed to deepen the culture and sense of community within your classes, create powerful shared experiences, and leave your students having a great time.


About Our Workshop Leaders:

Doug "Bald E" Cembellin is not only our founder, but the very first workshop leader. Bald E has led workshops for over 15 years and has visited more than 50 California schools! Bald E himself trains every workshop leader. To learn more about Bald E, click here.

Anthony "Shakes" Radtkey is the newest uCamps In Class Workshop Leader. He started as a camper 4 years ago, has gone on to graduate from the uCamps intensive two-week Leadership Training Program, and is now a uCamps Counselor and Workshop Leader!

Named "Shakes" for his love of Shakespeare, he's now a sophomore in college (after graduating high school 2 years early!), has performed in 9 Shakespeare plays, and is an avid guitar player and photographer. When he's not in school or creating art, Shakes spends his weekends working as a Premiere, Academy, & Varsity High School level soccer referee.

He's excited to be the newest uCamps Workshop Leader, and looks forward to spending this semester working with middle and high school students all over the state of California!


In Conclusion:

Bring us in ONE costs you nothing. If you're not a fan of the workshop, no harm no foul. However, if you and your students love it, we’ll happily come back year after year, it'll never cost you a penny and it'll become a fun tradition you can count on every spring semester. Plus, all of our workshop leaders are fingerprinted and have passed a stringent FBI background check, so you're getting a trustworthy, passionate, highly trained artist/teacher every time. Give us a shot. You'll be glad you did!!

If you're still not convinced (and I get it, who offers free ANYTHING these days), we’d like to request either a 10 minute phone call or a quick in-person meeting (we’ll come to you). We are based in the Bay Area and would be happy to treat you to coffee or lunch any day you can meet.

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