Be U. Do U.

After 19 years sharing friendship and fun, living in community, celebrating individuality, promoting acceptance and changing lives through the arts and outdoors, uCamps is closing the book on this chapter in its history. When public health and safety improve, uCamps will continue to produce weekend retreats for middle and high school performing arts classes throughout California, however, uCamps will no longer be hosting summer and winter camps. Since 2003, campers and staff alike have shared in this special community, claiming with pride that we are all a part of one happy, connected camp family. We will all take with us a lifetime of fond memories and deep connections. As it has been said thousands of times over the years at the closing candle ceremony, uCamps is not a place, it's a state of mind, an attitude, a way of life. To all of our families, campers, counselors and staff, both past and present, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! We at uCamps wish you the very best that this life has to offer. Stay true to yourself! You are enough! We are all perfectly imperfect and when all of us one of a kind masterpieces come together in the name of acceptance, that's when the magic of uCamps happens!! We love you!! So remember, hold your head up high. Do nice things for yourself and others. Carry uCamps in your heart. Thank you for all the memories! We can only hope that uCamps has made as positive an impact on your life as you have made on ours. MUCH LOVE and WORD!!!! - The Bald Man
Trees and Mountains